What is Grounding? Energy Basics 101

Updated: Mar 24

When we ground, we are connecting to gravity.

We allow excess energy, thoughts, vibrations that we may have collected from the news, or minds that are offering thoughts that are not helpful to you at this time (they may have been helpful thoughts or ideas in the past, but now they are jamming you). You allow energetic clutter to go down to the center of the earth. You may imaging a beam of light, a giant redwood, a sparkly river of light, a color. What works one day may not work the next day. Grounding cords should be changed daily. now, just imagine a release to the earth anything that is not serving you. Let it go.

People who are aware of energy are often healers. Healing can mean taking on the problems of others. Women are wired to do this.. ha ha ha it is wired to the genetics of making babies and raising them. A healer may ask, and this is how you know you are a super healer.. is why do I want to mess up the planet by sending my unwanted energy to it's center? At the center of the planet is a great recycling center (magma) and it converts energy to be non-charged. Then energy is free to be used again in a neutral form. What do I mean by charged? Have you ever felt when someone was so mad at you, you could feel their anger? You suddenly felt angry too, or deflated. That is one kind of energy that if you are grounded, it will go right down your grounded and you can remain in your good mood. Sometimes hysteria can feel like a buzzing and you can ground that out as well.

When someone wants to sway you into their way of thinking, if you are ungrounded, that may program you to do things that have nothing to do with your purpose or your path. You can ground a situation. I ground my car, my path and connect the whole thing to God. Then my driving experience is wonderful no matter whats going on.

You can ground your house, your neighbors house, your street. I love to ground my house and connect it to God.

How do you connect something to God? You just do it. It is a personal idea, and God is personal to everyone. God can be wherever or whatever you think It is. Universal Love, or the Supreme Being.. whatever works.

Try it. Ground. Release. What do you notice?

Connect to God. Sit with this..what do you notice?

Ground in God. Just allow yourself to do this, however you do this. Notice.

Spiritual awareness is created by using your energy to do a repeatable activity and then noticing. You don't read about it and then you have it. Reading about push ups is not doing push ups.

It is created, the spiritual relationship is a foundation and from this, you can do all sorts of really fun things!

May God shine upon you today!

~ Brooke