Lets Get Creating

Updated: Mar 24

Can you say what you are grateful for right now?

I can breathe deeply

I have a house,

I am healthy

I have good food in the fridge.

I have a loving husband

My family is well

My friends are fun and we laugh together

I am grateful that I have really useful skills

Can you say some things you are grateful now?

How about some things you might not have right now.. can you say you have them already and be grateful for them and feel how that feels?

I am grateful for my beautiful vacation house

I am grateful for the everyone in the world waking up to their highest health

I am grateful the political leaders are so well adjusted and kind to everyone

I am grateful there is abundance for everyone

I am grateful for your awakening to your highest essence

I am grateful for my youthful energetic radiantly healthy body

I am grateful for my beautiful garden with 3 cats and a dog

I am grateful that God works in me, through me, by me and for me.

What are you grateful in advance?

How does that feel?