Praise and testimonials from years of teaching.. from children's book presentations for my illustrated books, art classes, meditation classes, Course in Miracles classes and spiritual coaching. Thank you!! 

This class has changed my life. Brooke encourages the best from us and patiently guides us through each step of the creative process .... And then she gives us the map ...! I am so grateful I got a chance to take this class. Thank you Brooke. - Maggie, Palo Alto

This is one of the best classes I've ever taken. Brooke is very inspirational and upbeat as well as knowledgeable and professional! - Jessica, Cupertino

I enjoy Brooke’s method of guided meditation. I’ve noticed a huge difference in my energy and mood. I’ve been using all my tools and I’m sensing positive changes with them and because of them.

Brooke has a positive attitude. She is great!    I love her classes.

I feel like now I have tools instead of feeling confused/aimless/structureless about my energies.


Brooke has a positive outlook and energy and honest faith in my budding skills.

I enjoy Brooke’s fun spirit. I like that she is “real”.


Brooke has many unique perspectives and methodologies for learning; I always gained new and valuable insight every time Brooke taught a class or workshop. 

I feel honored to have studied with Brooke; it is rare to have a teacher of such quality and poise as Brooke. In my lifetime there have only been a few other teachers of her caliber that I have been lucky enough to work with. Brooke validated her students and focused on what worked for them; she taught me to focus on, and explore, what works rather than what doesn’t because it is so easy to get stuck on the negative aspects of life.


Brooke taught me to examine where and how other people pull in their own information to create their underlying perspectives.


Brooke’s humor, amusement, and enthusiasm are truly inspiring. Her humor stays with me and I appreciate her comedic insight.

I am a writer and I was always pleased that Brooke validated my writing and provided her personal insight into my situation and experiences. Her words of wisdom were always refreshing. She taught me that I could use my writing in ways that I never thought possible. She showed me how I could use writing in conjunction with meditation to achieve the results I wanted to in my meditation practice, visualization ability, and life.


I highly recommend Brooke as a teacher as it was an honor to learn from her. J. Schultz


“Brooke Scudder is an exceptionally gifted artist. Her work is consistently beautiful, vibrant, and fun. Her illustrations are suffused with color and wit. She is highly professional and reliable, and I recommend her and her brilliant work without reservation.” 

Top qualities: Great Results, High Integrity, Creative

~ Chronicle Books

 Brooke was extremely enthusiastic, informative and personable. She took a lot of time with each individual and spoke from the heart. - Linda, Stanford

Your workshop was the BEST!! Doing what I love in a way that is solely me is the adventure ahead. - Lynne


The workshop cleared a lot up for me and helped me with my confidence. I'm closer than I think. - Ruth


Thanks, Brooke,
  for the time and thought you gave to the presentation today.  As you could see by the group who lingered to talk with you and each other, you sparked their interest and held it.  It was generous of you to share these ideas.
 And while on the subject of audience, what a big turnout we had today despite the rain. Give yourself a pat on the back


SCBWI Presentation

We want to thank Brooke Scudder for her tantalizing presentation on January 8 on how to make picture book page turners.  Her hands-on interactive approach was fun. ...Everyone had a great time and came away with new and creative ideas.


Dear Brooke,
I want to thank you for your presentation at the College Terrace Library. Thanks for sharing what you do.

Maya Spector

Palo Alto Children's Library



"Brooke is a very strong and inspiring facilitator! The words she chose, passion behind her words, wisdom and unwaivering focus and commitment connected everything very well. I got a complete picture!" 

          ~ Lisa A

Brooke is...

- Allowing

- Inclusive

- Kind

- Authentic

- Wise

- You make me want to learn more from you!

                   ~ Gretchen

"I'm happy to say I worked with Brooke Scudder over the span of several months. Working with Brooke led me to love.. the way I did when I was a child. You can't ask for anything greater than that." Jill


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